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M-B Financial, Mini Financial, TD Auto Finance score highest in dealer satisfaction

Uncategorized August 16, 2017

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Mini Financial Services and TD Auto Finance topped their segments in lender services satisfaction among auto dealers participating in J.D. Power’s 2017 U.S. Dealer Financing Satisfaction Study.
Source: Automotive News – swapmeetclassified

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Where’s the Fun? Readers Rides and Blown-Up Parts of the Month

Uncategorized August 16, 2017

Eclectic Collection

Who: Chip Haines

Where: Loris, SC

Why: This picture proves that a true gearhead’s passion transcends all boundaries of make, model, or genre—look at the variety here! Chip bought this 1970 GTX brand new when he returned from Vietnam and restored it 12 years ago. The tractor is a 1951 Ford 8N he finished restoring five years ago. The C10 is a 1967 shortbed he bought three years ago and is still working on.

Flooded Then Fixed

Who: Steve Roth

Where: Franklin, TN

Why: Steve bought this 1966 El Camino about 10 years ago. It was damaged and subsequently totaled during a flood in 2010. Undeterred, he rebuilt the car anyway, stripping it to a shell, repairing the wiring, and rebuilding the car. He’s nearly done, too—he’s just waiting on some of the trim pieces to come back from the polisher.

Gold to Petty Blue

Who: Jim Feist

Where: Mankato, MN

Why: Jim was the original owner of the 1973 Duster in the background. He had to sell the car after getting married years ago and always wanted to have it back. Though he couldn’t buy his original car back, he built one just like it. He started with a slant-six-powered Gold Duster and added some modern touches, including a 2003 5.7 Hemi, MDS’s Atomic EFI, A518 overdrive automatic from a Ram pickup, bucket seats from a 2004 Sebring, and the console and shifter from a 2005 300C. He took this picture with the new car parked in front of his old car.


5.0L Love

We have received several letters praising our 302 vs. 305 series, which is surprising because online comments tended to be negative. Keep in mind, this series is about working with what you’ve got. Millions of 1980s- and 1990s-era cars came with these engines. Not all of them need to be unceremoniously replaced with 350s.

“I love the series and can’t wait for more. It’s nice to see down-to-earth articles on everyday engines that many of us have in our rides!”

—Greg Chandler, via email

“I am very happy about the 302 vs. 305 articles by Richard Holdener. Using the TPI engine was inspired. I am excited about following this build.”

—Steven Horosko, via email


“My 1991 Mustang. I just got it running after sitting in my garage for two years. The Traction-Lok isn’t working, so a rebuild is on the horizon, but it does a good one-wheel-peel.”
—Terry Schriver, Festus, MO

Blown-Up Part of the Month

“I am part of the pit crew for a friend’s Formula Atlantic team. The engines in these cars are 1,600cc twin-cam Toyota engines that make about 270 hp at 9,000 rpm. Here’s what happens when they drop a valve at those engine speeds!”

—Darrell Brenner, Fremont, CA

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Source: Hot Rod

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Hyundai highlights sedan for India market

Uncategorized August 16, 2017

In the latest new video to join our viral video charts, Hyundai shows off the Verna sedan for the Indian market. The subcompact sedan is sold as the Accent in the United States.
Source: Automotive News – swapmeetclassified

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Shop Talk: College Isn’t For Everyone

Uncategorized August 16, 2017

I recently spent a week in Butler County, Pennsylvania, covering the build of Jeff Lutz’s new race car. Located about 45 minutes north of Pittsburgh, Butler County is a mixture of suburbia and small-town Americana, and apparently, an area in desperate need of skilled labor. While there, I met at least a dozen people who told me that their businesses either couldn’t find enough help or couldn’t retain employees.

Jeff Thompson runs Pro 1 Automotive, the shop that painted Jeff Lutz’s car. He has one employee in his 20s and just hired his 70-year-old uncle, Harvey, to work three days a week because Uncle Harv is more productive and reliable than any of the other 20-somethings he’s hired. Several of Jeff’s friends stopped by to see the car being painted and all had similar stories about their jobs. One friend said the body shop he worked at had a six-week backup due to a lack of help. A mechanic friend told me dealerships and independent shops from around the county have been trying to send him work on a freelance basis because they’re short on help. The shop is so busy that he has to turn down half the work and sends it to a friend’s shop, which also can’t keep up with its workload, due to lack of help. I asked if this was specialized work like electrical or driveability repairs, but was shocked to hear much of the work was routine maintenance: oil changes and brake jobs.

Absolutely floored, I joked that I should fly to Pittsburgh once a month to do oil changes for a week. I’d probably come home with some extra money in my pocket, even considering flight and hotel costs, and all the guys there encouraged me to do just that.

This was alarming to me, because I believe it’s the leading edge of a problem yet to reveal its full impact on our society. Lots of people are quick to blame technology. I heard words to the effect of, “All kids want to do these days is stare at their damn phones,” all week long. While I think this is somewhat true, it’s a superficial assessment of the problem. I believe the bigger problem is a lack of training programs for skilled labor jobs.

Fewer high schools and community colleges offer shop classes and technology programs. The ones that remain are woefully underfunded, and our culture seems to have embraced the pedantic and misguided notion that you need a college degree to get a good job. Nothing could be further from the truth.

College isn’t for everyone, and for people who like to work with their hands fixing or building things, a college degree is probably a huge waste of time and money. While it’s true and unfortunate that this country has lost a lot of manufacturing jobs to the global market, there are still high-quality jobs going unfilled, and the U.S. still excels in CNC manufacturing.

There is a huge demand for people to fill those positions. Automotive repair is a highly technical job now that computers monitor or control nearly everything your car does. Some of the most talented chassis and engine builders I’ve met in my time with Car Craft don’t have college degrees. They started by changing oil or sanding primer. If you think you want to work on cars, get training (either through a program or as an apprentice), learn your craft, and the work will come to you.

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Should Barra join CEOs quitting Trump panels?

Uncategorized August 15, 2017

As President Trump seemingly stumbles from one crisis to another, GM and CEO Mary Barra find themselves mired in a major public-relations dilemma.
Source: Automotive News – swapmeetclassified

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Why this Tesla fan thinks the company is losing its way

Uncategorized August 15, 2017

Call me an early adopter. I bought the 892nd Tesla roadster to come off the line in 2010. There were problems. Then I bought a second, and a third.
Source: Automotive News – swapmeetclassified

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Painless Performance & Street Rodder Team Up for Top 10 at Tri-Five Nats

Uncategorized August 15, 2017

The 2017 Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals hosted by the American Tri-Five Association at the revered Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky is also one of the select events where we choose 10 great cars that qualify for the Painless Performance Products Top 100 for Street Rodder magazine. This year the quality of cars was amazing at the Tri-Five Nationals so finding ten great cars was difficult because we could have easily picked twenty. But, at the end of the event these are the 10 chosen cars.

Don Hennessee, McMinnville, TN / 1957 Bel Air Hardtop
Like so many hot rodders Don Hennessee dreamed of having a bad-to-the-bone ’57 Chevy when he was a kid. Well he may not be a kid anymore but this bad-to-the-bone ’57 has 427 inch small block force fed with a blower and two-fours hooked to a Tremec five-speed. Inside Vintage Air and Dakota Digital combine with lush leather to complete the package.

James Deason, Huntersville, NC / 1955 Chevrolet 210 Sedan
James Deason is a Tri-five Chevy guy with a great eye. From the Atomic Orange and Silver Champagne paint scheme to the gorgeous two-tone leather interior this ’55 is filled with details. Dakota Digital gauges, Vintage Air and a Lokar shift complete the inside while under the hood an LS1 provides modern power and the Wilwood brakes brings things to a halt.

Gary Burnett, North Little Rock, AR / 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Hardtop
This is a car that lures you in and then the closer you look the more you find. Riding on Heidts IFS with CCP disc brakes while rear suspension is from Art Morrison. QA1 shocks dial in the ride and the 5.7 LS-1 provides smooth modern power. It all rolls on Billet Specialties wheels with a Lokar-shifted 4L60E tranny. Classic Instruments, leather buckets and Vintage Air complete this great ’55.

Matt Martinez, Thornton, CO / 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Sedan
It’s all black and that was the initial attraction. From the laser straight body to the black leather Impala bucket seats and custom console the car is all black. Under the hood an LS-2 is dressed in traditional black attire looking much like a vintage small block. It rides on a Street Rod Garage Chassis with Wilwood brakes and QA1 shocks and the entire package was stunning enough for this car to win the coveted Tri-Five of the Year Award.

Noah Alexander, St. Louis, MO / 1955 Chevrolet Nomad
The Nomad was an over-the-top design by 1955 standards so why not carry that theme to a new extreme, after all it’s easy when you own the Classic Car Studio Speed Shop, home of Speed is the New Black TV show. Riding on a Roadster Shop chassis, power comes from 509-inches of W-motor. Wilwood brakes combine with Billet Specialty wheels and Pirelli tires to slow the Nomad down. Inside Vintage Air, Classic Instruments and simply insane upholstery job complete the Rescue Green Chevy.

Tom Boldry, Shawnee, KS / 1957 Bel Air Convertible
Tom Boldry and the team at Rock’s Rod & Custom did a fine job of blending the inherent good looks of a ’57 rag top with modern power. Under the hood 572-inches of big block are fed via a Hilborn EFI system. The engine is dressed in 60’s traditional finned attire while the suspension has been upgraded to a Heidts IFS with Wilwood brakes. Those big 20-inch Billet Specialty wheels tell you this silver bullet is no stocker. Inside stock style materials are used in a custom pattern.

Gary Brown, Buford, GA / 1956 Chevy 210
Wheels, color and stance get our attention every time this ’56 nailed all three. Under the hood a Holley EFI fed big-block punched out to 540 inches connects to a Hurst-shifted five-speed. CPP front suspension improves handling, Wilwood improves braking and the ET wheels give it the perfect look.

Bruce Bursten, Middletown, OH / 1957 Corvette
This car is one of the most period perfect gassers we have ever seen and for good reason. Most of the parts on this car were purchased in the late sixties and the car was just assembled in the past two years. From the chrome straight axle to the Olds rear and the vintage 327 small-block this car shouts gasser. Vintage Hilborn injection was converted to EFI by the owner and vintage Hurst Air Heart disc brakes slow things down. Inside the chrome roll bar and SW Winged gauges are just some of the highlights.

Dan Free, Sidney, OH / 1955 Chevy Gasser
The Iron Butterfly III has a deep meaning for Dan Free as Iron Butterfly I & II were helicopters that he flew in Viet Nam on over 400 combat missions. This tunnel ram fed, big block powered gasser was built in memory of those choppers and the crew he served with in the sixties. Today the mission is to have fun with a crazy-fast, great looking, street-going gasser. Mission accomplished.

Greg Flener, Madisonville, KY / 1956 Chevy Bel Air
The timeless color combination of India Ivory and Twilight Turquoise always looks great on a ’56 Bel Air. CPP front suspension and Danchuck rear lowering springs provide the proper stance while inside bucket seats and a custom console provide comfort. A Lokar shifter, Dakota Digital gauges and Vintage Air round things out. Under the hood a small block pounds out 425 horsepower.

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Off the Beaten Path: Cruise Nights at A&W – Gallery

Uncategorized August 14, 2017

While downtown Reno is where the party is at during Hot August Nights, the cruise-in culture began at the burger stand cash register. While drive-in burger joints have largely disappeared, A&W still plays host every night during HAN for locals and out-of-towners with an easy-going evening of music and cool cars. Plus, you can’t walk out of A&W without a fistful of cheese curds — it’s impossible.

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Krass & Bernie: A New Kind of Barn Find

Uncategorized August 14, 2017

Who doesn’t love the allure of a barn find? The guys are planning on treasure-hunting, but they may not find any of the cars they’re looking for. Instead, a different kind of vehicle presents itself, and the guys will need to find a way to make it work.

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This Guy’s Garage: Troy LaCrone

Uncategorized August 14, 2017

What a shock, another blue Camaro in Car Craft! Long-time readers might recognize the name Troy LaCrone. We did a story on another blue Camaro of his back in the January 2006 issue. Then he was searching for the 8’s with a street small-block and nitrous-equipped 1971 Camaro with slapper bars. The process has evolved into the 1968 you see here, and he has just run a little bit quicker: 7.90 at 162 mph! Yeah, it doesn’t look like a 7-second car, does it? We’ll save the particulars for an upcoming in-depth tech piece on this Rat-motored Camaro on spray. Troy lives in Missouri where land is still affordable, so he bought a few acres out in the country and built this great new shop. It measures 60×40, extending to 52 feet deep on the car end for trailer and RV parking. He also built a mezzanine for all the parts that car guys inevitably collect. The shop has 16-foot wide doors and has all the creature comforts to make it nice to work on in the ridiculous extremes of Missouri winters and summers. It’s taken him a long time to get here, but this is car guy heaven. No neon, just plenty of horsepower!

Troy is a Pro Street and muscle car guy who knows how to build a fast car. He’s had plenty of experience, even dabbled with a turbocharged Mustang for a while, but always comes back to nitrous and Chevrolets. We’ll save the details on this 572ci Rat-powered Camaro for the upcoming tech story. In 2016 it had a 540ci motor and an Induction Solutions-tweaked nitrous system that pushed it into the 8.40’s. But apparently that wasn’t quick enough. In May, the Camaro ran a 7.90 on only its fourth pass down the track with the new combination.

No, the 1969 Nova isn’t part of the LaCrone stable. His buddy Ian Williams stopped by the day of the shoot and helped make the photo better. The Nova also sports a larger yet milder 598-inch Rat. Ian says “It’s milder – it makes just over 1,000 hp.” Troy says it’s a “very cool street car, you can jump in it and go, there’s not even a cage you have to crawl over.”

The Chevy II hiding in the corner is about as polar opposite of the Camaro as one can get. It’s a completely original 1964 Chevy II SS that Troy just recently purchased. It’s a 6-cylinder car with a Powerglide, factory console, and air conditioning. Troy drove it home and is already contemplating a 400 hp small-block. This car is special because he had one just like this when he was 16 in high school. The interior probably even smells the same!

If you work on cars in your shop, you know that parts tend to accumulate. Pretty soon you have to make a place for them. Troy’s previous workplace was the family’s 2-car garage that was always cramped, so he planned this space with enough room to build a mezzanine where all the stuff he needs to keep can be carefully stored off the ground floor.

The closest thing to neon in this shop is the big-screen TV. It’s there for motivational drag races during late night thrashes in the shop. Behind the TV is a full bathroom and even a laundry. Married guys know that greasy clothes are best kept in the garage, so now Troy can clean his shops rag and clothes and not poison the family washing machine. Smart guy!

It’s difficult to see, but that chunk of iron on the top shelf is actually the rear quarter of an old cast 400 crank that Troy broke on a previous small-block nitrous engine.

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