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Panasonic to invest more than $256 million in Tesla's U.S. plant for solar cells

Uncategorized December 27, 2016

Panasonic plans to invest more than $256 million in a New York production facility of Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors to make photovoltaic (PV) cells and modules, deepening a partnership of the two companies.
Source: Automotive News – swapmeetclassified

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For Starters

Uncategorized December 26, 2016

All of us have our own story on where we got our start in hot rodding. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise how similar many of our stories are, but even so all the stories are a bit different.

For starters, I had the usual background in street racing followed closely by drag racing, but that was from the time I was about 16. And I’m going to guess this may be a similar path many of today’s hot rodders have taken. But what about the early years? For me that would be starting around 8 years old. Yes, 8!

This was the time I began building model cars and subscribed to my first car magazine … Rod & Custom. I liked the hot rods but at that stage of my game I was really into customs. Somethin’ about all that fancy paint- and bodywork just fascinated me. I had an affinity for lights, so the more headlights, spotlights, taillights, and whatever I was onboard.

It didn’t take long before my collection of model cars outgrew my room. For some reason my mom, although supportive of my hobby, wasn’t keen on seeing my Competition Orange 1957 Chevy on the fireplace mantle or the chopped 1949 Merc with the white body carefully covered in blue scallop paintjob resting on top of the television cabinet. Do you remember TV cabinets? In those days these cabinets were a piece of furniture that was normally topped with pictures of the kids and the family dog but most assuredly not a model car no matter how cool I thought it was. We had a 21-inch Packard Bell with remote control, one of the first, which was a big deal for me as I was the designated channel changer. The luxury to just lie there on the floor and not bounce up and down 14 times every 30 minutes to change the channels (of which there were seven!) was a big deal.

There were lots of models to choose from with the Big T, the Black Widow, and the Big Deuce among my favorites. But I did have a Candy Green 1940 Ford sedan that was one of my all-time favorites. Of course, I was always a Corvette fan so there were lots of them. Some were customs, drag racers, and road course wonders painted in many colors.

Somewhere in between building model cars and my summer of cutting grass and watering lawns came my stint as a paperboy. Around the STREET RODDER offices a lot of the guys put in their time as paperboys. When it comes time to talk about double folds, rubber bands, and the subsequent fights, porchin’ it, no roof shots, and the dreaded Sunday edition, each of us is on the same page. I handled such papers as the Garden Grove Daily News and the Sunday edition of the L.A. Times. For those of you who have no idea what a Sunday edition of a newspaper looked like back in the late ’50s let me just say they were humungous. No double folds here … just fold that behemoth in half and use one heavy-duty rubberband. There was also no throwing these papers it was strictly walk it up to the porch and put it down. In those days the Sunday paper was delivered to my house in sections; sports, news, entertainment, sales specials, and then I would assemble them, load my bags, and jump on my bike and off.

Now, that’s pretty typical of many hot rodders who grew up in the suburbs, especially in the ’50s and maybe early ’60s. But it’s what I did on those early Sunday mornings that would shape my interests in iron to come. I would start wrapping the Sunday edition of the L.A. Times around 6 (that’s a.m.!) and be on the road by 6:30. Back in the day it was pretty peaceful at that time of the morning and it was then that the fun would start. Parked in all my neighbors’ driveways were their cars. Since my paper route took me several miles in a straight line from my house in just about every direction there were lots of cars to be seen. Pretty much the usual stuff, but this was the late ’50s and Detroit Iron had reached their Zenith in “far out,” if not over-the-top design. Every family had something from one of the Big Three … it would be years before foreign cars would begin to take foothold. It was during this timeframe that I saw my first 1958 Chevy Impala complete with 348 and Tri-power, 1959 Chevy El Camino with black interior and a four-speed—now that was a car I wish I had today! And, the car of cars, the 1959 Cadillac with those amazingly tall fins and twin bullet taillights and enough sheetmetal to build a complete Model A highboy roadster.

It would go on from there. I will never forget the neighbor at the end of the street who purchased a brand-new 1960 Corvette followed by another in 1961. I was in heaven and absolutely thought I was the coolest kid on the block because I knew all about these cars. I even worked up the nerve to ask if he would show me the engine compartment. I damn near passed out … fuel injection. I was looking at my first factory Rochester mechanical fuel injection. Life just kept on getting better with each passing September.

And here I am today still fascinated by new cars, especially Corvettes but still with a love for vintage tin and all those fins from the mid to late ’50s. Ah, life was good … and still is!

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FCA's Pacifica becomes minivan of the future

Uncategorized December 26, 2016

A key piece of Fiat Chrysler’s fuel economy regulatory strategy in the United States, and a place to showcase the automaker’s leading-edge technology, is surprisingly large and built in Canada.
Source: Automotive News – swapmeetclassified

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Honda basks in glow from its Clarity Fuel Cell

Uncategorized December 26, 2016

Honda’s third-generation hydrogen-powered car will likely earn the brand kudos and attention for being bigger and more capable than the competing Toyota Mirai. But Honda’s bigger challenge lies outside its fuel-cell comfort zone.
Source: Automotive News – swapmeetclassified

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HOT ROD’s Holiday Hangover: Mighty Car Mods vs. Roadkill, and HRG’s Fishtail ‘Cuda hits SEMA!

Uncategorized December 26, 2016

If you’re like us, fat and nearly sick on candy with the holidays, then we’ve got the perfect way recover from the holidays — distract yourself with Roadkill and HOT ROD Garage, as we’ve got project Fishtail ‘Cuda debuting at SEMA, and Roadkill dueled boosted beaters with Marty and Moog, the Aussie madmen behind Mighty Car Mods!

Drift ’Cuda Hits the SEMA Show and Then the Track!!#fishtailcuda – Hot Rod Garage Ep. 48

Roadkill vs. Mighty Car Mods! – Roadkill Ep. 60


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The ABCs of PCVs

Uncategorized December 25, 2016

Every engine, regardless of its condition, has a certain amount of blow-by or air/fuel mixture that slips past the pistons and rings and finds its way into the crankcase. In addition, during normal operation, a certain amount of water vapor that creates corrosion and sludge also collects in the crankcase.

At one time a road draft tube, basically an open pipe that ran from the top of the engine to the bottom of the chassis, was used to draw blow-by gases and moisture from the pan. When the car was in motion the slipstream under the car created enough of a vacuum to pull out at least some of the nasty stuff—of course when the car wasn’t moving the road draft tube didn’t work. Something that often leads to smoke rolling out from under the car when stopped.

Because blow-by contains unburned fuel it was identified as an HC, or unburned hydrocarbon emission. As a result the PCV system was the first of the smog control devices becoming mandatory on all new 1961-model cars first sold in California. Basically a PCV system draws vapor from the crankcase into the intake tract and introduces fresh air to replace it. (In an open PCV system that fresh air comes in through a breather, in a closed system it comes from a hose connected to the air cleaner assembly.)

The main purpose of the PCV valve is to control the vacuum level in the crankcase (too much and oil will be sucked out, too little and the system won’t work properly). Another function of the PCV valve is to protect the engine in case of a backfire. The valve shuts off the reverse, high-pressure airflow preventing a flame from reaching the potentially explosive mixture in the pan.

In operation the amount of blow-by produced is dependent on engine speed and load and the typical PCV valve accommodates that with two modes of operation. At idle when vacuum is highest and there is little or no blow-by, the PCV valve restricts flow (in part to prevent sucking oil out of the pan). When the engine is under a load (cruise mode) and the vacuum level has dropped while the amount of blow-by is now greater the valve opens to allow increased flow. While this usually works well on stock engines with the correct PCV valve, in high-performance applications the flow rates may be need recalibration. In addition for some engines the proper valve is no longer available or the engine was never equipped with one. Since there is no available data on PCV valve flow selecting an appropriate part is a guessing game. In such cases the best option is an adjustable PCV valve from M/E Wagner Performance.

According to Wagner Performance are issues that result from an improper PCV valve:

Idle issues: carburetor idle mixture screws unresponsive; engine won’t idle smoothly; idle is not stable

Excessive crankcase pressure: oil around valve cover breathers after driving; dipstick pushing out of the dipstick tube; rear main seal leaks; leaks other gasket and seal leaks

Oil smell in car while driving

Oil gets dirty quickly, does not stay “golden” on the dipstick for long

Fuel smell in oil

Excessive oil consumed through the PCV system

Like conventional designs the M/Dual Flow PCV valve can be in idle or cruise mode, depending on driving conditions; idle mode has a low flow rate, cruise mode has a high flow rate. What sets the M/E valve apart
is the two rates are adjustable.

Vacuum at idle is measured with a gauge, then based on that figure and the engine’s displacement a chart in the instructions will supply a recommended setting. A similar process is used to set the transition point to cruise mode. Detailed instructions on making custom calibrations as well as using the fixed orifice mode for engines with extremely vacuum levels at idle. For more information contact M/E Wagner Performance at (570) 899-4544 or mewagner.com.

M/E Wagner’s Dual Flow PCV Valve allows adjustment of all aspects of the PCV system’s performance. This style plugs into a rocker cover grommet; an inline version is also available.M/E Wagner’s Dual Flow PCV Valve allows adjustment of all aspects of the PCV system’s performance. This style plugs into a rocker cover grommet; an inline version is also available.
M/E Wagner’s Dual Flow PCV Valve allows adjustment of all aspects of the PCV system’s performance. This style plugs into a rocker cover grommet; an inline version is also available.
The patented technology allows adjustment of the PCV system’s flow rate, as well as the vacuum level where the valve transitions from idle to cruise mode.The patented technology allows adjustment of the PCV system’s flow rate, as well as the vacuum level where the valve transitions from idle to cruise mode.
The patented technology allows adjustment of the PCV system’s flow rate, as well as the vacuum level where the valve transitions from idle to cruise mode.
On top of the valve are two adjustments, one for idle airflow and the other for transition to the cruise mode.On top of the valve are two adjustments, one for idle airflow and the other for transition to the cruise mode.
On top of the valve are two adjustments, one for idle airflow and the other for transition to the cruise mode.

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7 connected-car questions for 2017

Uncategorized December 25, 2016

Automakers and their partners have showcased just how far they’ve come this year in advancing connected technology, and regulators have made progress, too. But many big questions remain unresolved. Here are seven of them.
Source: Automotive News – swapmeetclassified

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Hyundai's next CEO won't have it easy

Uncategorized December 25, 2016

Since 1998, only two CEOs of Hyundai Motor America have lasted more than three years in the post. Dave Zuchowski’s successor will need to be an especially skilled executive to surpass that record.
Source: Automotive News – swapmeetclassified

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Racing Around: News from the Short Track Racing Industry

Uncategorized December 24, 2016

Here is some of the latest news from the world of Short Track Racing!

AFCO Performance Acquires Longacre Racing

Boonville, IN- AFCO Performance Group of Booneville, Indiana, has announced that it has acquired Longacre Racing Products of Monroe, Washington. Longacre Racing Products designs and markets gauges, scales, specialty tools, and chassis set up equipment throughout all levels of racing. In early 2017 Longacre products will join the AFCO Performance group of companies and will begin shipping Longacre products from the AFCO headquarters in Indiana providing quicker shipping service to customers in the East, Midwest and Plains States. Customers can also combine Longacre products and AFCO products in the same order saving shipping costs.

For more information on AFCO Performance, visit www.AFCOracing.com and www.Longacreracing.com for more information on Longacre Racing Products.


Big Country Speedway Under New Management

Cheyenne, Wy- Big Country Speedway has announced that the track is under new management. Big Country Speedway is a quarter-mile asphalt track located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, that originally opened in 1948. Dan Adkison, Amanda Jagoditsh, Perry Kinard, and Pamela Schliske have joined together to create the new management team, Race Day Makers, LLC. The Wyoming Auto Racing Club previously managed the speedway, and will now serve as the speedways booster club.  Big Country Speedway hosts races in Saturday night from May through September. The new management team, Race Day Makers hopes to add concerts and BMX in the future.

For more information on Big Country Speedway, visit www.bigcountryspeedwaywy.com


VP Racing Fuels Launches Newly Designed Website

San Antonio, TX- VP Racing Fuels has launched their newly designed website. Customers will be able to enjoy a whole new experience when they visit the newly redesigned website. The new site design features easier navigation and new product information. Customers can also use the Dealer Locator Feature to help find the nearest retail location. The website will continue to post breaking news regarding new products, race results and industry news.

For more information and to check out VP Racing Fuel’s newly designed website, visit http://VPRacingFuels.com


Motor State Becomes Exclusive Champion Oil Distributor for Mirco Sprint Racing

Watervliet, MI- Champion Oil announced during the PRI Show that Motor State Distributors will be the wholesale distributor of Champions new Mirco Sprint Racing Oils. Since 1964 Motor State Distributing has offered a full line of products to speed shops, machine shops, and engine builders worldwide distributing high performance automotive supplies for racing, street, and off-road use. Motor State Distribution is located in Watervliet, Michigan.

Champion Oil recently released a new fully synthetic oil specifically engineered for Micro Sprint Cars and is a first of its kind. The Micro Sprint oil is specially formulated to provide protection and performance for wet-clutch engines and includes specially designed wet-clutch additives and premium synthetic base stocks.

Champion recommends it’s Fully Synthetic Micro Sprint Racing Oils for Micro, Lightning Non-Winged and Winged Outlaw, “A” Class, Stock Non-winged, Restricted “A” Class, Jr. Sprint, 1200CC Winged and Non-Winged sprint engines.  Champions new Micro Sprint Oil is available in SAE 20w-50 and SAE 10w-40 viscosities.

For more information on Motor State Distributing visit www.motorstate.com.

For more information about Champion Oil visit www.championbrands.com


Summer Thunder Sprint Series and North-American Speed Association Partner to Form Northwest Challenge Series

Billings, MT- The Summer Thunder Sprint Series (STSS) has partnered with the North-American Speed Association (NSA) to create a special 11 race Northwest Challenge Series for Sprint Car racers in the Northwest, Central Montana and Western Canada. The Northwest Challenge Series will be composed from select events from both STSS and NSA. Both series will also have additional races outside of the Northwest Challenge Series. The Northwest Challenge Series will pay a minimum of $2,000 to win and $300 to start all events with the Summer Nationals. A points fund will also be formed for the 11 race series.

Northwest Challenge Series 2017 Schedule:

June 16-17 Billings Motorsports Park Billings, Mont. NSA / NCS

July 14 Electric City Speedway Great Falls, Mont. NSA / NCS

July 15 Billings Motorsports Park Billings, Mont. NSA / NCS

July 21-22 Castrol Raceway Edmonton, Alberta, Canada NSA / NCS

July 23 Drayton Valley Speedway Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada NSA / NCS

July 28-29 Skagit Speedway Alger, Wash. STSS / NCS

Sept 22-23 Central Washington State Fair Raceway Yakima, Wash. STSS / NCS


Outlaw Speedway Gets a New Dirt Surface

Dundee, NY- It has been over 10 years since Outlaw Speedway located in Yates County, New York has seen fresh clay. Track promoter and owner Tyler Siri purchased the 4/10 mile oval in 2016 and decided it’s time for a new dirt surface. Siri spent $70,000 to bring 308 truckloads of New York State Approved, rock free clay in to cover the track. The amount of new clay added to the track was so much that the Outlaw Team will have to address the front stretch wall due to the shortened height of the concrete barrier. The new clay also added more banking in both corners. Siri also expanded the camping and parking areas and resided the buildings and historic covered grandstands, with new graphics.

For more information on Outlaw Speedway, visit www.outlawspeedwayllc.com


UMP Style Modifieds Get New Series

Rochester Hills, MI- The American Ethanol Late Model Tour officials along with Motor-City Racing Products has announced a new DIRTcar UMP style series.  Following the success of AELMT , Scott Menlen MCRP founder/president along with AELMT Founder/president Nick Rice,  will join forces and create the American Ethanol Modifed Tour presented by All Star Performance. The series will begin with title sponsorship from Lake Odessa, a Michigan based Carbon Green BioEnergy, a subsidiary of American Ethanol, as well as presenting sponsorship from All Star Performance. The American Ethanol Modified Tour presented by All Star Performance will tour Michigan, Indiana and Ohio however, at this time the complete schedule is still in the planning stages. Live timing and scoring from the American Ethanol Modified Tour presented by All Star Performance will be available for free at www.MotorCityRacing.com.

For more information, visit www.MotorCityRacing.com

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The ARP/STREET RODDER Road Tour Is Bigger In 2017!

Uncategorized December 24, 2016

It is the 22nd year that we have headed out on the highway for the ARP/STREET RODDER Road Tours. What started in 1996 has grown into one of the most popular and anticipated series of events in our hobby. The “Come Along for the Ride” concept started back in 2005 when folks began to join us in their own rods. This year we have decided to kick it up a notch. With so many great rod runs and cruises it has just become impossible to limit the fun to just eight Road Tours. For the very first time we have decided to put together 10 tours and invite everyone to join us on the road.

Take a look at the schedule and start to make plans. Go to streetrodder.com and get the latest updates on the tours. While you are there you can register for the tours of your choice and get ready to join in the fun.

2017 Road Tour Schedule

June 16-25
MSRA Back to the 50’s Week Tour
We will spend the week leading up to the Back to the 50’s in St. Paul. We will be visiting shops, museums, and private collections during the week leading up to the huge event at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

July 7-16
The Syracuse Nationals Week Tour
We will spend the week leading up to the Syracuse Nationals in Syracuse, New York. We will be taking day trips to the surrounding areas and visiting shops and private car collections.

July 28-August 6
The Speedway Motors Tour to Louisville
We kick off the week in Lincoln, Nebraska, at Speedways Motors and then head to the NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky. We will make plenty of stops along the way to Louisville.

August 4-12
The American Tri-Five Tour
From the NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville we will head to The Tri-Five Nationals in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We will spend the week in Bowling Green visiting shops, private car collections, and tourist destinations in the surrounding area.

August 11-19
The Autopalooza.org Woodward Dream Cruise Tour
From the Tri-Five Nationals we will travel to Detroit and spend the week leading up to Woodward visiting locations in the Motor City. This year our focus will be on Chevrolet- and General Motors–related attractions.

September 1-9
The Shades of the Past Tour
We will kick off the fun in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Labor Day weekend. We will then head to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and the Shades of the Past Hot Rod Roundup.

September 2-9
The Vintage Air Tour
Starting in San Antonio, the Vintage Air Tour heads out on Labor Day weekend and makes some great stops as it travels to Pigeon Forge and the Shades of then Past Hot Rod Roundup.

September 8-17
The AMSOIL INC. Road Tour to Vermont
From the Hot Rod Roundup in Pigeon Forge we will head north to beautiful Burlington, Vermont, to attend the NSRA Northeast Nationals, making plenty of cool stops along the way.

September 30-October 8
Cruisin’ the Coast Tour
We will spend a week on the Mississippi Gulf Coast participating in the Cruisin’ the Coast event. Each day we will be taking day trips and enjoying all the activities surrounding this great show and cruise.

October 21-29
The Sherm’s Plating Surfs Up Tour
We will spend the entire week in Ventura, California, visiting Southern California shops, museums, manufacturers, and private collections. The week wraps up with a huge beach-themed Halloween party.

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